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Prof. Ram Kumar Dahal, Ph.D (MA, gold medalist in political science, MA in 1978 E M.Ed  IN English and advocate in the Supreme court of Nepal) had been awarded with Mahendra Bidya Bhusan-A medal for securing first class first in political science in 1978 and Mahendra Bidya Bhusan-B medal for getting Ph. D degree in political Science in 1997(2054BS) .He became professor on 2055-7-26 BS. The thirty-two year long, continuous and unbroken service   in this department had made Prof. Dahal as one of the experienced and senior most faculty-members in the department. As one of the serious students who never stood second in his school and college days, Prof. Dahal has nearly three dozen books in English and Nepali languages many of them prescribed( as text books and research books) from certificate to Master levels in the disciplines of  political science, law, rural development and education in TU. Beesides two co-authored books(Antarastriya Rajaniti (International Politics),(2041) and Adunik Rajnitik Vigyan (Modern Political Science), ( 2043),his important books, among others, include Rajniti Sastra ko Samanya Parichaya  ra Siddhant (General Principles and Introduction to Political Science), ( 282), Rajniti Sastra Ko Siddhant, Sambaidhanik Kannon ra Nepal Adhirajya ko Sambidhan, 2047 (Constitutional Law and the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990( 2050),Nepal Parichaya(Nepalese Studies) (,2051) Rajnitik Chintan (Political Thought), ( 2052), Rajnitisastra Shikshyan Vidhi. (Methoids of Teaching  political Science (2052) Rajnitisastra Ka Siddhantaharu. (Principles of Political Science), (2052),Antarstriya Adhyana (International Studies), Kathmandu; Ratna Pustak Bhandar,(2054.); Bharatiya Rajnitik Vyavastha (The Indian Political System) ( 2054); Viswa Rajniti ma Nepal (Nepal in World Politics),(1998); Nepal Ra Asamlagnata (Nepal and Nonaligmment), (1998);The Second Nepali Congress Government in Nepal(1991-94), ( 1998);Nepal Ra Samyukta Rastra Sangh, (Nepal in the UN), ( 1998); Nepal ma Sthaniya Swayatta Sasan (Local Self Government in Nepal), ( 2056);Visoka Pramukh Rajnaitikaa Ra Sambaidhanik Vyaahstha (Major Political and Constitutional Systems of the World), ( 2056 ); Samasamayik Antrarastriya Sambandha (Contemporary International Relations( 2001);Nepal Ko Rajniti, Sambidhaan ra Sarkar (Constitution, Government and Politics of Nepal, ( 2002);Nepal ra Antarastriya Vyavastha (Nepal and the International System) ( 2002); Dakshin Purba Asia ra Dakshin Asia (South East Asia & South Asia) ( 2002); Rajya Ra Gramin Vikas (State and Rural Development) (2002). Constitutional and Political Development in Nepal, (1999); Rajya Ra Gramin Vikas (State and Rural Development) (2004);   Rural Development Politics in Nepal. (,2005); International Organization (2005); State, Government Institutions, and Local Governance in Nepal, (2007); Political sociology(2007); Nepal in International politics((2007); Reaserch methodology  in Rural development ( coauthor); Reaserch methodology in Rural development ((2010).
Dr Dahal has written hundreds of articles in national and international journals. He  has attended a number of reputed national, regional  and international seminars and training programs( including on research methodology, human rights, and conflict management) conducted by several national and international institutions. He has also acted in different capacities in different institutions. He has a good research background and has served in different positions in the research institutions including as Research Associate, research analyst, project director and Project Co-coordinator. He has actively involved in preparing reports including  the  Human Rights Status in Nepal report 2002 and  Human Rights Status in Nepal: from Regional Report, 2005. He has continuously involved in the civic education programs and Training; seminars and activities conducted in NEFAS and German Foundation FES since 1990 and have presented papers on civic education in more than sixty districts of Nepal. He has participated in the preparation of many curriculums and has also acted as Chief Trainer, Trainer/ Expert Chief of Training Manual Preparation Team and Trainers' Training Program (including in Rautahat, Gaur).
He has participated in the preparation of the curriculums for a number of institutions  including  of Strategic Studies (BA for Military Academy, Kharipati, Bhaktapur;, Strategic Studies (MA for Military  and commandant’s  Academy, Shivpuri, Kathmandu; and conflict, peace and development( MA) under TU and has acted many times as subject committee ‘s members in those institutions from the very beginning.
He has a good writing  Experiences  and has regularly contributed articles in different national journals including  on national and international affairs in Anatarstriva Manch (1986-1992); Parisheelan, and Rastriya Anatarstriva Manch;Chharcha (Kathmandu weekly) for nearly one and half decades , Sadhana (Kathmandu Monthly), Anamika (Kathmandu Monthly), Mahanagar (Kathmandu Daily), Rajahass (yearly journal of Baneshwor Private Campus, Baneshwor Kathmandu, Nepal) at interval basis; Nepali Political Science and Politics (Annual English journal of Political science Association of Nepal (POLSAN), Nepal and has also acted as Editing director, Parishilan, (Kathmandu monthly).He has produced a number research reports including The prospect of Good Governance in Nepal), A research report submitted to CEDA to 1999;The Status of NGO Movement of Nepal, A Report submitted to SAP/N, Kathmandu, 1999; The Interim Government of Nepal, A report submitted to Research Division, T.U. 1998 and Political Economy in Nepal, a joint report submitted to FES, Nepal 1996. He has acted as supervisor in more than five dozens Master level thesis and more than one dozen PhD research researchers   Political Science Students conducted under Dean’s office  in T.U. Prof.Dahal has good experiences in accounting and auditing and has acted as account officer and a good auditor on Nepal Food Corporation of Nepal.